Three Italians in Harreveld

Three Italians in Harreveld

Even if it seems the title of a film, it is our experience of Survivalrun in the Netherlands.

We are: Dario who is running to get the license, Simone who wants to participate and finish a survivalrun and Rossella who just wants to get to the finish alive.

In 2017 we got to know survivalrun at the Hang-On Survivalrun, and since that day we want revenge for having to quit that race.

So now, two years later, we are in Harreveld. After struggles with signing up and a place to stay, Jochem helped us out and we were able to start.

The morning of the race arrives. It is a splendid sunny day and we are all a little nervous. Our preparation is more focused on OCR race, so   will we get to the end? Will Dario manage to hold the band and win his two desired points?

The race begins and we take on obstacle after obstacle. Arjan, the father of Jochem, supported and encouraged us by following along the track on bike from start to end. After 13km, an infinite number of obstacles, small talk with judges and other participants, we come to the finish line. Dario kept his wristband, Simone and Rossella didn’t, but we all are very happy with the experience we made.

A wonderful race, with an impeccable organization. The extreme respect for the environment, the participation of those who were judges or just watched, but above all the sympathy shown to us by the people we met, meant that this experience will remain etched in our minds and ours hearts.

Thanks again Jochem, Arjan and Anja for having adopted us for two days.


See you at the next survivalrun,


Dario, Simone, Rossella